School project: Famagusta/Avgorou Regional, Agricultural, Technical and VET school

The greenhouse has:

Temperature, Relative Humidity and Soil Moisture Sensors, Window Control Mechanisms, Ventilator, Recirculation Fan, Air Heater, Humidifier, Lighting Lamps, Automatic Watering.


The sensors give the main computer all the information and through an Arduino programmer all the mechanisms are controlled, which work harmoniously to achieve ideal conditions for the growth of the crop.


When the temperature exceeds 27 oC the window mechanism gradually opens the windows so that the temperature drops, if the temperature continues to rise and exceeds 30 oC then the windows are closed and the ventilator starts to provide dynamic ventilation. Finally, if the temperature continues to rise and exceeds 35 oC, then the cooling system sprays water into the greenhouse so that the temperature drops with evaporation.

During the day when the temperature drops below 18 oC the window is closed to increase the temperature (greenhouse effect), in the evening hours or on cloudy days the air heater is activated to increase the temperature

The reduction of the relative humidity is done by using the ventilator, while the increase is by spraying and evaporating water (humidifier – water mist).

Uniform distribution of relative humidity and temperature inside the greenhouse is achieved by using a circulation fan

In the ground there is a moisture sensor through which the electric valves are activated for automatic watering

Special lighting lamps increase the photosynthetic capacity of plants or control photoperiodism (photosynthesis and photoperiodism)


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