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Educational material portal for environmental education

On this Web page, you will find teaching materials classified in two ways: (a) in ‘Thematic Units’, which refer to crucial environmental issues and correspond to the subject matter of the teaching materials and (b) in ‘Educational Packages’. You will also find a specially designed area, the ‘Educational Material’, where you can post your educational material on the page. Another space is the ‘Library’, where you will find supporting material, suggested bibliography, research theses, software user manuals, legislation, electronic games, environmental glossaries and other helpful information. Finally, the Web page provides a ‘Community of Users’, e.g. an electronic forum, through which visitors can communicate and exchange ideas and experiences regarding PE.

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    A Champion for Environmental Education Around the World/Greece

    In the Greek educational system, the field of environmental education (EE) unofficially started in the 80s. Beginning in the 90s, the framework to promote EE in formal education was established, with teachers integrating EE into their teaching on a voluntary basis. In tertiary education, there are relevant optional courses included in Early Childhood and Primary Education Departments. There are also M.Ed courses for in-service teachers. A top-rated institution in Greece is the network of Centres of Environmental Education, which operate short-term programs for students and local communities across the country. NGOs also play an active role in supporting EE in K-12 education.

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